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Form 2 Report of Remittance of Funds
Form 2A Report of Remittance of Funds-Dues
Form 2A-1 Supplemental Information Data Form
For Omega Form 2A - Remittance of Funds
Form 2A-2 Instructions For Completing Omega Form 2A
Request for Transfer of Chapter  
Form 36A District Delegate Form
Form 50 Chapter Officers  
Form 53 Chapter Roster  
Form 7 Request for Forms from International Office
Form 76 Criteria Summary Form for Achievement Week Awards Consideration
Deceased Member Report Form  
48 Hour Incident Report  
Special Events Checklist Form  
4th District Form 2 Remittance of Funds  
Form 37 Chapter Report Quarter 1  
Form 37 Chapter Report Quarter 2  
Form 37 Chapter Report Quarter 3  
Form 37 Chapter Report Quarter 4  
4th District Recommendations Form 3A  
National High School Essay Contest

MSP Forms and Documents

Form 1 (notice of chapter request)  
Form 1B (weekly status report)  
Form 1C (letter of acceptance)  
Form 1D (letter of denial)  
Form 1E (list of approved candidates)  
Form 1-3  
Form 53B  
Form 3 official order form (fraternity pearl pin)  
Form 9A (Revised 2016)  
Form 9A-1  
Form 9A-1I - Training Confirmation Form1  
Form 9A-2  
Form 9A-3  
Form 9A-4  
Form 10 certification of men for initiation  
interview rating form
Interview Questions
Meet the Men of Omega  
MSP Policies - OPPF - V1.02  
Basic Outline for Candidates  
Form 105 - Request for MSP Program Rev01-16  
Form 105 A - Nationally Mandated Programs Checklist  
Summary History Of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 2014  

Chaplain Tool Kit

Tool Kit
RESOLUTION Terrance Portis  

The District Representative's Approved Sponsorship Listing 
International Mandated Programs Overview (PDF Format)

OPP Insurance Claim Policy and Event Notification Form (PDF Format)

2017 Leadership Conference
Dates: August 1, 2017 - August 6, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio
Host Chapter: Beta Iota
2017 Fall Council Meeting
Dates: October 28, 2017
Central State University
Wilberforce, Ohio
Host Chapter: Delta Alpha & Eta Gamma
2018 Winter Council Meeting
Dates: February 3, 2018
Akron, Ohio
Host Chapter: Xi Chi & Beta Beta
77th District Meeting
Dates: April 5 - April 8, 2018
Akron, Ohio
Host Chapter: Xi Chi & Beta Beta

DISTRICT (1922-1949)

New IHQ initiave
Brother, You're On My Mind




Friendship is essential to the soul.

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