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The history of the Fourth District represents the evolution of two organizational concepts now embodied in the present-day functions of the District Representative and District Meeting.

The first District Representatives were appointed by the Grand Basileus who was authorized by a constitutional amendment in 1922. The District Representatives were delegated the function of assisting the Grand Chapter in the supervision of chapters within a geographical area known as a District.

Districts were seemingly organized on basis of states contiguous to each other with consideration given to some of the amenities resulting from compatible regional and social relationships. The present district organization of eleven units reflects this logical development.

Besides supervising established chapters, the District Representative was expected to develop and expand the jurisdiction of Omegadom to all college campuses within the area. During the early days in Ohio and West Virginia the principal individual contacts between the Grand Chapter and local chapters or between chapters within the District were made by the District Representatives. With little, if any, funds from either the Grand Chapter or the loosely controlled District units, visitations depended largely upon both the dedication and affluence of the District Representatives.

The first step to strengthen the position of the District Representatives occurred during the administration of the 16th Grand Basileus, Albert W. Dent (1937-1939). District Representatives then became constitutional officers and were to be elected by the Districts at the annual meetings. Moreover, all initiations were placed under the supervision of the District Representatives.

The first District Meeting under this constitutional mandate was held in Columbus, Ohio in 1941 on the campus of Ohio State University.

Nine chapters were eligible to participate in this first District Meeting. But what about their origins and establishment? This development represents an inspiring story in Omega history.

This history of the Fourth District in Ohio actually began in 1919 - the year the Grand Chapter took steps to establish a chapter in Cleveland. During his administration, 1918-1920, the seventh Grand Basileus, Raymond G. Robinson, spent some time in the Forest City hopelessly seeking men possessing the desired Omega potentials. The story of this unsuccessful venture, however, offered a challenge to a young newcomer to Cleveland - Nathaniel B. Bowen, then a brother and student at Morehouse College. Between school semesters Bowen renewed the search and in collaboration with Ted Hendricks, a brother and several other migrant brothers, a qualified group was ready for a charter in 1923, the first in Ohio. The new chapter was designated Zeta Omega.

Charter members were: P. H. White, Estes Gunn, John McMorriess, Fred Roseboro, Julius Thomas, J. E. Edwards, Nathaniel Bowen, Elmer Whiting, William T. White, A. J. Thomas, and Henry Moon.

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2017 Leadership Conference
Dates: August 1, 2017 - August 6, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio
Host Chapter: Beta Iota
2017 Fall Council Meeting
Dates: October 28, 2017
Central State University
Wilberforce, Ohio
Host Chapter: Delta Alpha & Eta Gamma
2018 Winter Council Meeting
Dates: February 3, 2018
Akron, Ohio
Host Chapter: Xi Chi & Beta Beta
77th District Meeting
Dates: April 5 - April 8, 2018
Akron, Ohio
Host Chapter: Xi Chi & Beta Beta

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