The history of the 4th District represents the evolution of two organizational concepts now embodied in the present-day functions of the District Representative and District Meeting.

The first District Representatives were appointed by the Grand Basileus who was authorized by a constitutional amendment in 1922. The District Representatives were delegated the function of assisting the Grand Chapter in the supervision of chapters within a geographical area known as a District.

Ohio and West Virginia’s journey over the past 90 years to what is now known as the Fourth District has not been a straight path. In 1920, Grand Basileus Raymond G. Robinson added Kappa Chapter at West Virginia Institute (now West Virginia State University).  Then during the first year of Grand Basileus Alston Atkins’ administration in 1922 the name Kappa, which had been the designation of the Chapter at West Virginia Institute, became the name of a Chapter organized at Syracuse University. The Chapter at West Virginia State was then given a new charter as Theta Psi.  

The history of the Fourth District in Ohio dates back to 1919, the year the Grand Chapter took steps to establish a chapter in Cleveland.  Grand Basileus Raymond G. Robinson, spent some time in the Forest City hopelessly seeking men possessing the desired Omega ideals. The story of this unsuccessful venture, however, offered a challenge to a young newcomer to Cleveland, Nathaniel B. Bowen, then a brother and student at Morehouse College. Between school semesters Bowen renewed the search and in collaboration with Ted Hendricks, a brother, and several other migrant brothers, a qualified group was ready for a charter in 1923, the first in Ohio. The new chapter was designated Zeta Omega.  Charter members were: P. H. White, Estes Gunn, John McMorries, Fred Roseboro, Julius Thomas, J. E. Edwards, Nathaniel Bowen, Elmer Whiting, William T. White, A. J. Thomas, and Henry Moon.  Later that year, Upsilon was chartered at Wilberforce University.

In 1923 under the leadership of Brother Nathaniel Bowen the two states were joined together with Western Pennsylvania and known as the Ninth District.  Over the next 23 years, the two states separated and aligned with other states in various Districts. Over the years, the two states have traveled through the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 11th Districts. Changes occurred in the mid 30’s when Brother Adolf. P. Hamblin was elected District Representative of the 11th District in 1937, which consisted of both Ohio and West Virginia.   

“Omega Dear” was adopted as the official hymn by the fraternity in 1931. Brother Charles R. Drew, professor of surgery, and Brother Mercer Cook, professor of languages at Howard University faculty were the composers of the hymn. Brother Louia Vaughn Jones who was a world-renowned concert violinist and a professor within the music department at Howard arranged the musical score for the hymn. He was initiated into Omega in Zeta Omega Chapter.

The first 4th District Meeting under the constitutional mandate was held in Columbus, Ohio, in 1941 on the campus of The Ohio State University.  Nine Chapters were eligible to participate in this first District Meeting. This development represents an inspiring story in Omega history.

Under the leadership of District Representative Chester Gray in 1941 Ohio and West Virginia officially became known as the 4th District.  The leadership of District Representative Gray was instrumental in expanding the number of Chapters that are now a part of the 4th District and leading the District’s adoption of the Social Action Program.  

Grand Conclaves: 25th in Cleveland, Ohio 1937; 34th in Columbus, Ohio in 1948 (the first time the 4th District, as we are known today hosted); 39th in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1953; 44th in Cleveland, Ohio in 1958; 68th in Cleveland, Ohio in 1994.  Lastly, Cincinnati was the host of the 2017 Leadership Conference.

The first Talent Hunt at a Grand Conclave was presented in Cincinnati in 1953.

In the mid ’90s, the 4th District March Down was officially renamed the Kevin Cherry” 4th District March Down after his untimely death on November 1, 1991.  This designation was in honor of the late Bro Cherry’s contribution as an Undergraduate/Intermediate Representative to the Supreme Council.

On February 26, 2000, the 4th District Talent Hunt has officially renamed the “Calvin H. Thomas” 4th District Talent Hunt in honor of the late long-time 4th District Talent Hunt Chair, the late Bro Calvin Thomas.

In 2011, the 4th District renamed its DR Breakfast the “Hank Glaspie” DR Breakfast in honor of the founder of the DR Breakfast the late Bro Henry “Hank” Glaspie, 21st Fourth District Representative.  The first official “Hank Glaspie” DR Breakfast was held in 2012 at the 71st Fourth District Meeting in Canton, Ohio.

In 2013, the 4th District established a District Motto “To unite a Brotherhood of college-educated men with like ideals and commitment to service in Ohio and West Virginia communities.”

In 2014, the 4th District established the 4th District Honor Society to recognize Undergraduates with 3.0 cumulative GPAs and above.

Brother Keith B. Key became the youngest donor in The Ohio State University’s history when he contributed $1 million to support the Office of Student Life’s Center for Student Leadership and Service. The office has been appropriately renamed the Keith B. Key Center for Student Leadership and Service.

In 2020, the 4th became the first District of Omega to sponsor a borehole in Ghana, Africa.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 79th Fourth District Meeting which held in Youngstown, OH was canceled. The 4th District held its first virtual Awards ceremony on May 28, 2020.

In 2021, the 4th District saw many highlights.  The 4th District Life Membership Program was established.  The 80th Fourth District Meeting featured the first-ever 4th District Undergraduate Debate Competition.  The 4th District Delegation unanimously approved the renaming of the Budget & Finance Committee to the “Bobby J. McDowell” Budget & Finance Committee.  The 4th District ascended to 1,000 financial members for the first time in 4th District history. Pi Zeta Chapter was moved to from Baldwin Wallace University to Stark County to serve as a citywide Undergraduate Chapter to service Malone University, University of Mt Union and Walsh University.

11th District (Ohio & West Virginia)

1937-1939 1. Bro. Adolf. P. Hamblin Xi Alpha 11th District (Ohio & WV)
1939-1940 2. Bro Elvey E. Mitchell Xi Alpha 11th District (Ohio & WV)
1940-1941 3. Bro. James Henry Rowland Chi Alpha 11th District (Ohio & WV)
1941-1942 4. Bro Chester Gray Mu Iota 11th District (Ohio & WV)

4th District (Ohio & West Virginia)

1942-1943 1. Bro Chester Gray Mu Iota 4th District
1943-1945 2. Bro. J. Douglas Anderson Xi Alpha 4th District
1945-1949 3. Bro. E.A. Bowling Xi Alpha 4th District
1949-1953 4. Bro. Leonard Holland Mu Iota 4th District
1953-1954 5. Bro Willard Brown  Xi Alpha 4th District
1954-1956 6. Bro. James Henry Rowland  Upsilon Upsilon  4th District
1956-1960 7. Bro. Leonard L. Holland Mu Iota  4th District
1960-1965 8. Bro. William J. Moore  Beta Iota  4th District
1965-1968 9. Bro. Dr. Clark E. Beck  Delta Alpha  4th District
1968-1969 10. Bro. Robert Thomas  Delta Alpha 4th District
1969 11. Bro. Dr. John L. Fuller  Xi Alpha 4th District
1969-1972 12. Bro. Dr. Floydelh Anderson  Xi Alpha 4th District
1972-1975 13. Bro. William L. Hunter  Kappa Tau  4th District
1975-1978 14. Bro. Dr. R. Charles Byers  Xi Alpha 4th District
1978-1980 15. Bro. Richard Jenkins  Zeta Omega 4th District
1980-1984 16. Bro. Dr. Frank C. Williams Zeta Omega 4th District
1985-1987 17. Bro. Kenneth Wilson Xi Tau 4th District
1987-1990 18. Bro. Jarrett A. Thomas  Delta Alpha 4th District
1990-1992 19. Bro. Raymond Tillery, Sr  Mu Iota 4th District
1992-1994 20. Bro. Malvin Jones Delta Alpha 4th District
1994-1996 21. Bro. Henry W. Glaspie, Jr.  Beta Iota 4th District
1996-1997 22. Bro. Rev. Mel Kendall McCray  Zeta Omega 4th District
1997-1999 23. Bro. Christopher M. Cooper, Esq. Mu Iota 4th District
1999-2001 24. Bro. Albert Jordan  Delta Alpha 4th District
2001-2003 25. Bro. Dr. Gregory Epps  Xi Alpha 4th District
2003-2005 26. Bro. William M. Comeaux Zeta Omega 4th District
2005-2007 27. Bro. Jesse J. Junius, Jr. Delta Alpha 4th District
2007-2009 28. Bro. Dewey A. Ortiz, Sr. Mu Iota 4th District
2009-2011 29. Bro. Rufus D. Heard Zeta Omega 4th District
2011-2013 30. Bro. Stanford T. Williams, Jr  Beta Iota 4th District
2013-2015 31. Bro. Dr. Christopher K. Welch Delta Alpha 4th District
2015-2017 32. Bro. Daryl S. Cameron Psi Omicron 4th District
2017-2019 33. Bro. Elder Bobby L. Robinson Xi Alpha 4th District
2019-2021 34. Bro. Lamar T. Cole Zeta Omega 4th District
2021- 35. Bro. David L. Reliford Kappa Tau 4th District


Bro. George V. Johnson Grand Marshall – Cleveland 1937
Bro. Dexter D. Eure 2nd Vice Grand Basileus 1945
Bro.  Paul A. Jones Grand Marshall – Cincinnati 1953
Bro.  Charles P. Lucas Grand Marshall – Cleveland 1958
Bro. J. Franklin Spurill Grand Counselor 1970
Bro. Dr. Frank C. Williams Grand Marshall – Cleveland 1994
Bro. Christopher M. Cooper, Sr., Esq Ground Counselor 2010-14
Daniel B. Jones Sr. Grand Keeper of Finance 2016-20


Bro. Kevin Cherry Undergraduate/Intermediate Representative 1986
Bro. Darryl G. Moore Undergraduate/Intermediate Representative 1996
Cleveland, OH 1937
Columbus, OH 1948
Cincinnati, OH 1953
Cleveland, OH 1994


Judge Ronald B. Adrine Cleveland Municipal Court Judge
Russell T. Adrine, Esq. Political Activist in Cleveland, OH
Douglas Anderson Former Registrar at West Virginia State – Scholarship named in his honor
Dr. Samuel Baskerville Dentist, Scholarship named in his honor
Horace Belmear Former Educator at WVU, endowed scholarship in his honor
James Andrew Elam President, Belmont Park Laboratories, Philanthropist
Adolph Hamblin Former Professor at West Virginia State, Science building named in his honor
Charles P. Lucas, Sr. Former Regional Director of HUD
Dr. James Russell Former President St. Paul’s College, Former Interim President West Virginia State
Sam Shepard Former Editor of the Oracle
C. Franklin Spurill, Esq. Past Grand Counselor
W. O. Walker Founder of Call-In Post (Black Newspaper)
Judge Charles White Common Pleas Court
Bayard Rustin Civil Rights Activist, Architect of the 1963 March on Washington & developer of “Freedom Rides”
Dr. R. Charles Byers Interim President/Provost Emeritus – West Virginia State University
Col George “Spanky” Roberts Tuskegee Airman 1st Graduating Class
MG Charles C. Rogers Congressional Medal of Honor
Herb Washington Former Major League Baseball Player – Oakland A’s
Steven Perry Former Executive Director of Pro Football Hall of Fame
Ted Childs Former VP of IBM Global Workforce Diversity, Featured in The History Makers
Ozzie Newsome Former NFL Football Player – Cleveland Browns, NFL General Manager
Carter G. Woodson Father of Black History, Former Dean of Liberal Arts at West Virginia State
Jesse Heslip 1st Basileus of the War Chapter
George Whitehead, Esq. Civil Rights Attorney
Christopher M. Cooper, Esq. Past Grand Counselor
Malcolm Jenkins NFL Football Player – New Orleans Saints/Philadelphia Eagles
Roderick McDavis 20th President of The Ohio University. He is the first Ohioan of African ancestry and only the second alumnus to lead Ohio University as President.
John M. Rudley President Emeritus Texas Southern University
Matt Snell Former NFL Football Player – New York Jets
Hal Greer Former NBA Player for the Philadelphia 76ers
Louia Vaughn Jones World Renowned Concert Violinist. Arranged the musical score for the Hymn, “Omega Dear”
Harry Lee “Butch” Reynolds, Jr. American former track and field athlete
Bob Ferguson NFL Football Player – Pittsburgh Steelers/Minnesota Vikings
Alex Gordon NFL Player – NY Jets/LA Raiders/Cincinnati Bengals


Dr. James Elam Central State University 2014
Horace Belmear West Virginia University 2016
Dr. R. Charles Byers West Virginia University 2017
Jamail E. Johnson Youngstown State University 2018
Devin C. G. Moore Kent State University 2018



Chapter Name Charter Date




Beta Beta January 8, 1971  The University of Akron
Delta Epsilon  October 1, 1947  Bowling Green State University
Eta Gamma October 1, 1951  Central State University 
Gamma Lambda  August 6, 1979  West Virginia University Institute of Technology 
Iota Psi  March 17, 1926  The Ohio State University 
Lambda Theta January 17, 1970  Shepherd University 
Nu Beta  May 14, 1971  Marshall University
Nu Zeta  September 28, 1973  West Virginia University
Omega Epsilon  November 1, 1949  University of Toledo
Phi Theta  August 1, 1970  Cleveland State University
Phi Sigma  May 1, 1946  Case Western Reserve University
Pi Zeta  November 6, 1973  Baldwin Wallace University
Psi Gamma  April 1, 1969  Kent State University
Psi Theta  August 1, 1970  University of Cincinnati
Sigma Psi  May 15, 1968  Ohio University
Tau Xi  October 12, 2006  Miami University
Upsilon  April 1, 1923  Wilberforce University
Xi Theta  March 11, 1970  Ashland University
Zeta Beta  February 19,1971  University of Dayton
Zeta Gamma  March 11, 1951  Youngstown State University
Zeta Sigma  May 16, 1939  Bluefield State University 



Chapter Name Charter Date



 Alpha Alpha Alpha  March 3, 1978  Morgantown, WV
 Beta Iota  June 25, 1940  Cincinnati, OH
 Chi Alpha  October 1, 1939  Bluefield, WV
 Delta Alpha  June 1, 1934  Dayton, OH
 Eta Nu Nu  November 19, 2020  Columbus, OH
 Kappa Tau  June 20, 1959  Canton, OH
 Mu Chi  April 5, 1955  Fairborne, OH
 Mu Iota  June 1, 1945  Columbus, OH
 Psi Beta Beta  July 25, 1983  Huntington, WV
 Psi Omicron  June 15, 1949  Youngstown, OH
 Upsilon Upsilon  May 1, 1952  Beckley, WV
 Xi Alpha  October 1, 1936  Charleston, WV
 Xi Chi  May 1, 1955  Akron, OH
 Xi Iota Iota  December 7, 1991  Lime, Piqua, Sidney, OH
 Xi Tau  April 6, 1960  Toledo, OH
 Zeta Kappa Kappa  July 12, 1995  Beachwood, OH
 Zeta Omega  March 6, 1923  Cleveland, OH